Friday, October 8, 2010

{friday's fashion file: a pretty weekend look}

There is something fun about the poncho.  When I was 5, I had a blue, white, and pink poncho that my mom used got for me. I remember wearing it with a corduroy skirt, tights, and brown leather clogs. Now, 30 years later, I am loving them again.

I lucked out the other day at the local Salvation Army thrift shop. I found a stunning fuchsia angora poncho. It was $2.61 with tax. It is warm, yet light, and it looks swell paired with dark denim and a fitted black long sleeved tee underneath. The poncho will cover a multitude of flaws--from the dreaded muffin top to a large chest. When draped properly, it can actually help create a lovely silhouette.

I found a pretty one at Faith 21 as well to show you. I've put it with some other budget-friendly finds that will give you a great weekend look, or for busy moms like me, and everyday look.

Shopping List:

Poncho from Faith 21, $24.80
Jeans are from Fashion to Figure, $40
Bracelet from Etsy's Heaven for Bead, $12

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