Thursday, December 9, 2010

Va Va Voom!

Just because you're a curvy girl does not mean you need to head to be in a pair of sweats and baggy t shirt. Trust me. Part of embracing your curves is feeling good about yourself--you're beautiful and you deserve to look and feel that way.

Are you thinking, "But wearing something frilly is out of my comfort zone" or "It's just too cold to skip flannel pjs" ? I challenge you to wear something that says Va Va Voom for one weekend. This is your assignment. I know it can be hard. It is so cold this time of year in Upstate New York. I myself have my own favorite Nick and Nora jammies that keep me warm and toasty. Go out of your comfort zone for just one weekend. Wear something girly, something to make you feel glam and sexy.

At the end of your experiment with wearing something other than big jammies that cover you up, notice any changes in your mood and self esteem levels.

Things we adore:

Tap set from Hips & Curves

The Ponte d'esprit babydoll by Cacique

Chemise from Glamorose

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