Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bargain Spotting

I had to get the pooch some more dog food at Petco yesterday, so I stopped into Avenue while I was there. For me it is hit or miss there. I really cannot wear their pullover tops because the 14/16 is big at the shoulders and some styles of their jeans are big in the waist of the 14s, but I am telling you that the cardigans and shrugs are perfect for me in a 14/16. 

Like many of you, I have an issue with things that button across the chest. I think that's why I adore shrugs and flyaway cardigans so much--they fit perfectly in the bust at Avenue for me and I found some great deals yesterday.

Almost everything winter is 50-60% off the ticketed price. On top of that, until closing today, you can take another 30% off of that price. In other words, a $36 item would be $10.08 if it was on the 60% off rack, then take an additional 30% on top of that. Nice!

The deals aren't nearly as good online and then you have to add shipping, so this is a case of it being better to go shopping in the store. Plus, I love to try stuff on before I buy to make sure it fits.

I came home with 3 pieces yesterday for under $30. I'm going back later for jeans and I am thinking about this faux fur 3/4 sleeve coat, but am not sure....

My finds:

I also have to say that of all the Avenue stores in the Rochester area, the one in Irondequoit is the best. They have a great selection and I always find a deal. The ladies who work there are really sweet, too.

The woman who rang me out yesterday said that the 50-60% off sale is ongoing as they make room for spring merchandise, but that the additional 30% ends tonight. That doesn't mean more markdowns won't happen, but I just wanted to give you a head's up.

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