Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I {heart} Target

Mossimo Kitten heel pumps

Bag (my own)

I had a great shopping day today. We're going to a party Saturday night and I have been planning to go shopping to get something new to wear. One little side gig I do is work for an hour or two a month for a local camera company on the study panel. I get to try and comment on different products and they pay for the services of the panel members with Target gift cards. That works for me! I went in for a while yesterday morning and decided to use my gift card today on a dress and shoes for the party.

I never have bad luck at Target. I love Stein Mart and Kohl's for dresses, but I knew I thought I'd see what I could find using my gift card. I lucked out today.

If you're curvy, I really suggest you check out the Merona line at Target. The sizing is quite consistent. I know I need an XL for dresses, typically a L skirt, and XL top. The 14 trouser pants also fit like a dream. I am also very happy with the quality and the prices are affordable. 

Today the first dress I tried on was "the one" for this event. I knew it right away. It's for a birthday party with dinner and dancing for a co-worker of my husband's and she's older than we are. I don't want a revealing dress, but I definitely want to play up my assets and feel good about myself.

This dress is one of those. If you have an hourglass shape like me, this is perfect. It comes right in at the waist, has enough room in the chest, and drapes beautifully (no clinging) over the hips. It is just beautiful on. There's a tie sash attached and it really accentuates the waist. It really is lovely. There are also flower accents on the left shoulder area.

It has a feminine and vintage vibe to it and looks great with the kitten toe pumps I chose in a leopard print. I plan to wear some bangle bracelets and a pair of my earrings with vintage ruby stones that I just made. I have a fun little black purse that will work well with the ensemble.

I think when you smile looking in the fitting room mirror with the dreadful lighting, you know you've found the proper dress!

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