Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are back. I've seen them on the runway, in magazines, and in stores the past several weeks. At first, I was thinking "Not again." I never was in love with the trend years back and now that I'm in my mid 30s, I just thought they were for the college-set. Not so!

One goal I made for myself not long ago was to try styles I normally wouldn't. Instead of my usual dark boot cut or trouser jeans, I've been open to trying new styles and seeing how they look.

In many cases, I try them on and have the same opinion. For example, sweater dresses with horizontal stripes may look great on my friend, Elizabeth, but not on curvy moi. I talked about horizontal stripes in the right situations last week, but this is one situation we curvy ones should probably stay away from.

Anyway, back to the distressed jeans. The closest thing to a distressed jean I have owned until now was a pair of embellished I.N.C. capri jeans a few years ago. They were distressed and had hand painted flowers and things on them. 

I recently bought two pairs of jeans that are outside of my normal comfort zone. They are both from Avenue and the Art2Wear line in a 14 fits someone like me a with smaller waists and ample hips and rear end really well. Here they are:

These are on sale for $14.96. If you look on Google, you can find 40% off coupons all the time. Mine cost me less than $9.

These seem to be sold out. They were also super affordable. They look adorable with black ballet style flats and a fitted black tee. In the warm months, I'll wear try a higher heeled sandal, as shown.

Unless you're 21, follow my advice with this look. You need to make sure you do not get carried away when you're choosing your shirt. Keep it classic, well-fitting, and more simple. You don't want to look as though you're attempting to be 18 again when you're 35.

Don't overspend, either. I am very into the classics that never go out of style. I tend to splurge on sweaters and tees that will never go out of style and are of high quality. The timeless and polished look is always good. Think of your chic staples--maybe a cute argyle sweater. When you're getting something on trend, that's the time to make sure you're getting a great bargain, in my opinion.

Get this look:

Sweater from Faith 21, $22.80 
Avenue jeans, $14.96
Boots from Forever 21, $32.80

Get this look:

Top from Faith 21, $17.80
Avenue jeans
Ballet flats from Forever 21,  $16.80

What do you do to balance trendy with timeless?

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