Thursday, April 28, 2011

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There is a great article in the newest online edition of Bust magazine that I wanted to tell you about today. It's a great read and has opened some dialogue concerning the topic of plus-sized models. The piece is about a controversial (for good reason) study about whether plus sized models contribute to the growing obesity epidemic.

Keep in mind that a "plus sized" model is a model who is size 10 and up. Do you consider someone who wears a size 10 to be fat? I certainly do not!

The two authors in this British study,  Dr. Davide Dagone and Dr. Laura Savorelli claim, “Given that people are on average overweight, we conclude (that using larger models) may foster the obesity epidemic.”

Really?  I am curious how they reached this conclusion. What about being a size 12 or 14 or 18 or whatever you may be that is curvy and seeing size 2 models on plus sized websites modeling clothes? Can you relate to that?

If you are buying something on the Lane Bryant site or Avenue or Torrid, do you want to see someone who is 5'11 and weighs 125 pounds modeling the item you're planning to order in a size 14? I don't. This study is ridiculous and makes no sense. Perhaps the people who conducted this study would like to research the impact of the media on eating disorders and poor body image instead.  

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  1. Unfortunately plus size fashion will never take off the same as mainstream modeling. The hypocrisy will forever be supported, as it still is today. With the obsession of thin, health bias amongst larger people growing and becoming a epidemic itself universal wise, and discrimination against larger women mainly, I'm sure we're fighting a losing battle here. The fashion industry doesn't care about health or society they're trying to seel clothes and the hard truth is they're more partial to specific size women modeling their clothes. Forget the fact that short women and curvacious women exist in the world "WHO CARES" right? I like how they keep pushing this discriminating theory that embracing plus size models will somehow contribute to obesity. Really? What for decades really thin underweight models modeling clothes contributing to anorexia or eating disorders I guess that's exceptable right as long as fat women aren't in the public eye selling fashion. I guess broadening your demographic doesn't exist anymore eh? Women with my body can't relate to women with a entire different weight and build wearing her clothes trying to sell it to me, I mean I thought they were trying to sell the product so why not stop discriminating against plus size fashion on runways and appeal to all women so we can be able buy clothes alike?


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