Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

"Eve wasn't a size 6 and neither am I."
~Delta Burke

I found this quote from  the beautiful Delta Burke yesterday. It's interesting, as I randomly stumbled upon this one after having a chat with two of my fellow curvy friends as we waited for our children to come out of school.

We were discussing how things were back in our 20s when we didn't have to pay as much attention to what we ate or the amount of exercise we had to do. At the end of the conversation, though, it focused more on self acceptance--about how we are loved for who we are regardless of whether we're wearing a size 6, a 16, or a 26. is all about being confident and comfortable in our own skin. I like how Delta summed it up in her quote.

It's getting warmer out there. That means capris, shorts, etc...showing more skin. Every time I get upset with myself for not losing more weight--I am at this plateau point and am wearing the same size as this time last year (a 14 in most brands)--I remind myself that 3 years ago and over 50 pounds ago, I weighed well over 200 pounds and wouldn't wear shorts or a bathing suit. I lacked confidence. That was a long time ago. My eating habits have changed, as have my workout habits. 

I love food. I am not going to starve or deprive myself to be a size 6. Not going to happen. Curvy gals--treat yourself to a new spring dress or some pretty capris or walking shorts.  Embrace the florals and colors that are in stores this season. Enhance those curves and always remember that you ARE beautiful!

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